Nazis against Nazis

On November 15, 2014, neo-Nazis walking through the streets of German town Wunsiedel became caught up in a fund raiser for EXIT-Deutschland, a not-for-profit organising focused on helping neo-Nazis to escape the far-right community. The Nazis Against Nazis campaign was centred on the annual pilgrimage to the town where Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess had been buried. Grabarz & Partners worked with ZDK Society for Democratic Culture to empower the local residents to reclaim their town. Right wing marchers found themselves taking part in a charity walk. For every meter they walked, 10 Euros were donated to the Exit-Deutschland trust. Local used banners, bananas and road markings to cheer on the visitors. Phrases like “Donation, march!” and “Final spurt instead of final victory!” spurred on the demonstrators to keep walking. This new form of fundraising has received several fundraising awards, and was adapted soon afterwards by a number of cities for their own responses to neo-Nazi demonstrations.

Nazis Against Nazis


Nazis Against Nazis start line


Quick as a Greyhound


Thanks Old Sports


My Munch bananas


If only the Fuhrer knew


Final Sprint not Final Solution


Exit Deutschland certificate


The “ZDK Society for Democratic Culture” is based on three bases:

  1. Center for Democratic Culture in municipalities and regions, academia and the media for democratic values ​​and human dignity
  2. EXIT Germany in preventive and direct confrontation with violence and extremism in Germany and Europe
  3. Verbundnetz for Democracy and Tolerance for the community of citizens and the economy in eastern Germany


The Nazis Against Nazis campaign won the Grand Prix at the LIA for Non Traditional, the Grand CLIO for Guerrilla and Grand Prix LIA for Non-Traditional, a New York Festival Grand Prize, a yellow pencil, white pencil, graphite pencil and two wood pencils at D&AD Awards 2015, six gold, five silver and one bronze Lion at Cannes 2015, twelve gold one silver, two bronze and one audience choice award at ADC Germany.


This campaign won one yellow and one white pencil at D&AD 2015, and Best in Discipline, three gold and one silver at the 2015 One Show.



The concept was developed by Ina Bach (Grabarz & Partner) Philipp Schwartz (GGH Lowe) and Fabian Wichmann (ZDK)

The team at Grabarz & Partner were chief creative officer Ralf Heuel Grabarz, art director Yasemin Boyraz, copywriter Alina Meisenbach, agency producers Kai Struwe and Judith Uhrlau, account executive Ina Bach, working with Fabian Wichmann at ZDK.

The team at GGH Lowe were chief creative officer Florian Grimm, creative directors Jan Wiendieck and Boris Grunwald, strategist Philipp Schwartz, art directors Fiete Luehn and Anne-Grit Maier, copywriters Matthaeus Bauer and Michael Martin, web developer Jens Gardeler, online project manager Miriam Mueckner, screen designer Robert Stoof, technical director Steffen Zoering, motion designer Michael Sturm.

Filming was produced at 27 Kilometer Entertainment, Hamburg, by director of photography Martin Kaeswurm with camera assistant Leon Winkler. Editor was Mark Broszeit at Harvest Digital Agriculture, Hamburg. Sound was designed at Studio Funk, Hamburg. Music was produced at ROBA Production Music, Hamburg, and MOKOH Music, Berlin.

Nazis against Nazis

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